Hydraulic Bollard

Hydraulic bollard
  • Hydraulic bollard with High security and anti-collision ability

  • The body is made from brushed stainless steel which creates a seamless and elegant access point to blend into most indoor and outdoor environment.

  • FAAC hydraulic unit which is built-in bollard could provide large power safely for a long time.

  • In case of emergency,Automatic fall/rise in the case of power outage (optional)

  • Reflective band and LED light 3M Diamond series reflective band,Low energy consumption LED light ensure safe at night.

electro hydraulic integrated rising bollards security traffic road blockers barriers lifting column


Electric hydraulic mechanically operated retractable bollard system

Different thickness of steel is available

Different grade of reflective film is available : High-Intensity Reflective Film , engineering grade sheet.

Different standard color is available

Customized design and size


Hydraulic bollards with easy operations; 

Speedy and durable due to the use of hydraulic pressure

Lower down the bollards by handle valve in case of power failure or fault of automatic system

Raise up the bollards by handle pump in case of power failure or fault of automatic system

Galvanization is durable and stainless

Optimization of frame structure, high anti-impact capability, high loading capability

Hydraulic bollard

Features of Hydraulic Bollard

  • The automatic rising Bollards is an electric-hydraulic-mechanically operated retractable bollard system.

  • The system can be quickly and easily operated. It is suitable for both security and access control applications.

  • The system is designed to bring desired environmental and aesthetic enhancements to perimeter security, securing perimeter access.

  • without providing a sense of social disorder and active alarm measures. The system is designed to withstand impacts and still operate,

  • giving high security levels to all sites. It is ideal for university campuses, pedestrian walkways, parking lots, government buildings, sports stadiums, amusement parks, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, and apartment complexes.   

Multiple models for Chosen

FS230 Swing turnstile
FS233 Swing Turnstile
FS233 Swing Turnstile